Friday, March 30, 2012

Keera's Bad School Day Part 1

I am working on a trilogy of fantasy books that I am hoping to one day publish. I've decided to post a small section of it to gauge interest.

Present Day    Sometime After the Second Destruction of the Lithian Race
“Keera. Keera. KEERA!”
Twelve year old, Keera Shansky had been staring out the window, waiting for the bell to ring.  She had just been thinking about what it would be like to fly.  She had been soaring through the air, light as a feather, only to have her thoughts come crashing back to earth with a thud.
“Not again,” she thought with a small groan, bracing herself mentally she looked up into her teacher’s accusing eyes.
Ms.Peters was looming over her like a large bird of prey that had just spotted a particularly tasty morsel, her cold grey eyes gleaming with triumph.  Keera tried desperately to swallow the lump in her throat and to think of what her teacher had been asking.  Looking past Ms. Peters she saw a large math problem on the board. Glancing over it quickly she smiled in relief and calmly looked her teacher in the eyes.
 “Forty-five,” she said with a smug smile.
 Her teacher’s eyebrow knitted together in a frown of puzzlement, glancing over her shoulder she also looked at the board then with a groan of frustration she straightened. 
Pressing her fingers to her temples she massaged slowly and took a couple of deep breaths asking for patience with Keera.  When she felt she had reined in her frustration enough she folded her arms under her chest and turned her piercing stare on the young girl who was still looking amazingly pleased with herself. 
“Keera, while I am impressed with your skills to quickly solve a problem the class finished nearly half an hour ago,” she paused when some of the other students starting snickering to turn her glare on them.  They all grew quiet, but some started whispering together and others nudged their buddies and grinned in Keera’s direction.  `
Shaking her head Ms. Peters turned back to Keera who was now flushed a deep red her head hung in embarrassment.  “As I was saying, your math skills are impressive, but I’m afraid we have long since moved onto history,” the snickering started again but this time she didn’t try to put a stop to it. 
Keera turned redder, shifting in her seat. 
“I noticed that you didn’t even bother to get out your textbook,” Ms. Peters continued as Keera’s squirming grew worse and the snickers turned into taunting laughter. 
With a sigh she walked back to the front of the class then looking at the boy behind Keera she asks, “Josh would you kindly answer the question?” 
Keera whirled around to glare at the boy behind her.  Fourteen-year old Josh just answered her glare with a soft mocking smile. Keeping his eyes on her, he answered the teacher, “The flesh eating unisaris are close cousins to the unicorns they resemble and can be found on many worlds near the planet Lorien, but have also been spotted in small numbers on other worlds scattered throughout the universe.” 
His eyes were both amused and mocking as they met Keera’s angry glare.  Keera would have loved to knock that knowing grin right off his face but she was already in enough trouble.
“Keera,” Ms, Peters voice was sharp with impatience and Keera quickly turned back to face the front, dreading what came next.  Ms. Peters stood in front the entire class holding a large, ugly hat that ended in a long point.  Keera barely bit back her moan of mortification. The hat was an ugly dull brown that proudly sported the word “DUNCE” written in bold black letters across the front. 
Ms. Peters had taken her study of Earth’s educational system quite seriously. Unfortunately she had studied the wrong time period and had fallen in love with the old ways of punishing students for misbehavior, she had even wanted to use the caning method she had read so much about but fortunately the Sar had put a quick stop to that idea. 
“Still this is plenty bad,” Keera thought as she pushed herself out of her seat and, as slowly as she could, walked to where Ms. Peters stood gesturing towards a tall stool located at the very front of the class in the right hand corner so everyone would have a clear view of her humiliation. 
When she dropped with a huff on the seat the teacher with a grand flourish plopped the hat on her head.   Keera sat there as the rest of the class with a lot of grins and sly glances in her direction finished taking notes on the differences between unicorns and their flesh eating cousins. She didn’t even bother looking in Josh’s direction already knowing his face would still have that same stupid mocking smile he always seemed to have.  With a last glare at some girls that were giggling and eyeing her she focused on the back wall and tuned out everything else.
 Silently she fumed as the scratching of pencils sounded faintly in her ears. She was angry at Ms. Peters for giving her classmates further reasons for mocking her. She was angry at her parents for agreeing with her stupid idea to skip a couple grades.
Well, maybe that wasn’t so bad. She silently relented. She was much happier, with the the studies, in her current position. She had been way ahead of those her age and her boredom had caused her to get in a fair bit of trouble. Exaspertated her teachers had finaly suggested she might be happier in an older grade. She had wholeheartedly agreed and her parents had allowed her. She hadn’t known at the time that it would only be another opportunity for more humiliation and mocking.Those her age, while never liking her much anyways, now commented on how she thought she was smarter and better than them. They avoided her like a nasty virus. Her new classmates, either ignored her or waited for her to make a mistake so they could mock her and tell her she didn’t belong with them. The worst thing of all though was she was now in all the same classes as her archnemesis, Josh Milars.
Keera glared at the sandy haired head that was bent over his notebook. As if reading her thoughts, which he probably had Keera grumped, he looked up to meet her angry gaze. Smirking, his eyes went to the hat on her head. He raised one eyebrow in a mocking gesture. Keera, after making Ms. Peters wasn’t looking, stuck her tongue at him. His smile just grew and with a small ‘harumph’ Keera purposely returned to staring at the back wall.


  1. I love it and can't wait to read more. and i'm a reader.

  2. I Love It! It hooks my attention and Keera and Josh's relationship is funny :) I can't wait to read the rest of your book!

  3. Blogging is awesome!

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  6. I love it!!! I hope you publish the trilogy too.

  7. Great job! I love the story, it is very interesting!

  8. I think you must remember that a writer is a simple-minded person to begin with and go on that basis. He’s not a great mind, he’s not a great thinker, he’s not a great philosopher, he’s a story-teller. -Erskine Caldwell

    Awesome beginning. Continue the good work!!

  9. Did you come up with Unisaris? I rather run into a unicorn instead of one its flesh eating cousins,a unisaris. :)

  10. Yes, I came up with the idea of unisaris. I thought it would be fun for the unicorns to have an evil cousin. Now one never can tell if they have met a unicorn or the nefarious unisaris!


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