Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Keera's Bad School Day Part Two

By request from a friend.

            When Keera walked into the lunchroom the dark thoughts fled at the sight of Liann, her best friend, waving frantically to get her attention.  Smiling, she waved back and when Liann gestured at the empty seat beside her she nodded then took her place in line.
The food here was usually what normal kids eat at their schools, hamburgers, pizza, spaghetti, etc.  But sometimes the lunch ladies would serve food that they insisted was considered a delicacy in their world.  Keera wasn’t so sure of that. She figured they fed everybody that story to get them to eat the weird food they served sometimes, like frog eye soup and snake meatloaf. 
Keera crossed her fingers that today would be a normal day.  When her turn came and the serving lady slapped what looked like a pile of manure covering giant worms on her plate, her hope died a violent death. 
“What is that?” she asked wrinkling her nose in disgust.  
The lady glared at her and told her not to hold up the line. Muttering crossly she went to join her friend at their table. As she slid into the seat Liann had been saving for her, a girl sitting across the table from them leaned over. 
“Wow! You look even worse than ever Keera, which is pretty hard to imagine,” Sarahlee said with an innocent and sickly sweet smile. 
           “Funny, I was just about to say the same thing about you,” Keera said, baring her teeth in a snarl. 
Sarahlee’s smile just got even bigger and leaning over she sniffed delicately, “Geez! Keera I know your ugly, but you could at least bathe once in a while.” 
Keera just smiled in return, “I’m sure you always look perfect Sarah.”  Then her eyes widened in horror, “Oh no! Is that a zit I see on you forehead?” 
“Where?!” Sarahlee exclaimed in panic, slapping a hand to her forehead. 
When Keera leaned back with a grin and Liann started to laugh she glared at them but didn’t say anything else. 
“So how was your class?” Keera asked Liann. 
Liann smiled softly, “Our teacher was kind of cranky and made us read two chapters of science and take a pop quiz, but I’m sure he was just tired.” 
Keera grinned and shook her head; Liann never had a bad thing to say about anyone.  
Liann was Josh’s little sister, but you wouldn’t have guessed it.  Liann was always sweet and always nice even when others weren’t.  She was really pretty with long golden hair that fell to her waist and quiet eyes the blue-green of the ocean. 
Keera’s smile faded as she looked across the table at Sarahlee, who was now talking with her friends. Her high, fake laugh, worse than fingernails on a chalkboard, set Keera's teeth on edge.  Sarahlee had to be the complete opposite of Liann.  She was also very beautiful, with her sleek, shining platinum hair that was always elaborately done and never had a strand out of place.  Her face was always covered with layers of makeup that made her look much older than her thirteen years.  Her eyes were like two glittering emeralds sparkling with a fake artificial light. Her lips were red and full with a flirtatious curve to them.  Between that and the soft curves she already possessed and shamelessly flaunted, it was no wonder the guys fell all over her. 
“Well, the shallow idiots  anyways,” Keera amended to herself as Sarahlee blew a kiss in the direction of a couple of boys that were passing by causing them to smack into a group of younger students who were on their way to dump their trays.   
            Sarahlee preened herself as the boys turned scarlet and hurried to help clean up the mess they had made, all the while casting glances in her direction. Haughtily ignoring their desperate attempts to catch her eye Sarahlee turned towards Liann, her eyes glittering dangerously. 
“So did you talk to your brother yet?” Sarah asked in a voice that dripped with malice despite her perfect smile.
“Y-yes. He didn’t say anything though,” Liann quailed under Sarahlee’s gaze. 
“Oh really?” she said her green eyes flashing dangerously. 
Liann looked near tears as Sarahlee leaned over threateningly, “You know what, I think you’re lying to me.”  Sarahlee’s smile stayed in place but her eyes grew colder causing Liann to swallow hard and shake her head.
“It’s… it’s true,” she squeaked. 
 Keera decided it was time to step in. “Why don’t you leave her alone?” 
Sarahlee turned on Keera, “And if I don’t,” she challenged haughtily though Keera saw a flicker of fear cross her face.
 Leaning forward Keera pitched her voice low and menacing.  “If you don’t then I’ll have no choice but to smash in your pretty face.” 
“Yeah!” Liann said confidently, instantly wilting again when Sarahlee turned her glare back on her.  “Please?” she said more meekly. 
“You wouldn’t dare,” Sarahlee challenged but her eyes were wary. 
Keera didn’t bother answering, jumping forward she swung her fist. Sarahlee flung herself backwards and with a shriek of fear her hands came up to guard her face.  Her head knocked the tray out the hands of the kid passing behind her causing its contents to land on her perfect hair that was so prettily piled atop her head. 
The cafeteria rang with laughter as she landed on her rear, brown sauce dripping from her head onto her face and clothes.  More than a few guys jumped up from their seats and ran to see if she was okay, but she just snarled at them.  Keera, completely unfazed by Sarahlee’s venomous glare, was laughing hysterically with Liann.  With a haughty sniff of disdain, Sarahlee turned on her heels and marched away the sounds of laughter following her out. 


  1. So funny! Sarahlee had that coming to her. I love the description you put in the parts of the story with Keera and her friends or enemies. Very descriptive and well put. It will probably make me laugh for days.

  2. Awesome! Frog eye soup and snake meatloaf hahaha! Also, I agree, Sarahlee totally deserved that one but I enjoyed even more that instead of getting hit in the face her hair got covered in food. A black eye would just bring on pity but food in the hair is just embarrassing hahaha, good one!


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