Thursday, August 16, 2012

Awesome Typo and Other News

My amazing friend/editor recently caught this while going through The Mark. It is my favorite typo so far.

He felt his irrigation growing.

Don't you just love auto-correct? Whether you are looking to get published independently or traditionally, always have a good editor go over your book carefully. No matter how talented you think you are, there will always be little "irrigation" problems that creep up. ;-)

Other News
I am very excited to have started progress on book two in The Lithian Trilogy. I am at 18,129 words!
I am also currently editing book one. Hopefully, if I stay on schedule, The Mark will be available through e-book by the end of next year! This is very exciting for me and my family and to those who have been looking forward to reading more than just the teasers I have offered.

I have been very blessed with great support from family and friends as I continue to pursue my dreams. I couldn't keep writing without them and lots of Heavenly inspiration and intervention.

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