Monday, August 27, 2012


I am somewhere between my 20th or 100th self-edit. This time through is for catching those pesky, hard-to-spot character and plot inconsistencies. My favorite so far: A character claims she doesn't like tuna sandwiches when just a chapter earlier she and her friend ate tuna for lunch...oops. She either doesn't like tuna, but only on certain days, or needs to find something else to eat. ;)
 Further updates: Book Two is coming along slowly. My characters recently revealed some plot elements that I wasn't not aware of before that require some reexamining of earlier chapters.
Also, I hiked and explored Timpanogos Cave this weekend for some valuable insights into my cave dwelling creatures' lair. Can I just say, calcium carbonate formations are fascinating and sure to make an appearance! I think God's creations are so awe inspiring and as a writer it is impossible to capture the true beauty and majesty that nature's variety provides. Hopefully my painful attempts will at least lead others to see it for themselves.

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