Thursday, September 27, 2012

Brain Cramp-In a Good Way

Ahhhh! Brain cramp! I just returned from the amazing Book Academy at UVU, where I learned my manuscript needs some major sentence editing, and I played with Mr. Potato Head. Could life get any better? Probably not. To make it perfect, I added at least a dozen more books to my must read list. The actual physical pile is teetering as I type. ;) Once the goo inside my head makes sense of the information overload, I will use some of the awesome skills I can now wield with confidence. Maybe, sort of, hopefully. Okay, okay, so maybe I will barely lift the huge, double-headed axe of writing and editing a couple inches higher today. But, hey, it's progress.

Here are some great nuggets of wisdom from actual authors:

Jessica Day George
"Write what you love!"
"Find your chocolate cheesecake!"

Howard Tayler (He gave an awesome lecture on working hard versus relying on some supposed innate talent. Telling ourselves or others we are talented or smart is setting ourselves and them up for failure.)
Your efforts to improve will make a difference in performance.
Failure doesn't mean the absence of ability.
Find an expert to help you focus your practice.
Pay it forward: be the expert to someone else.
Save the future; tell a child "you worked hard on this."

Editing 101 by Annette Lyon
Don't overuse that in your WIP
Search for words like was and got that indicate passive voice and change to active voice.
Use strong nouns and verbs to make sentence stronger and avoiding telling instead of showing.
And many other helpful hints!

Lisa Mangum
Get to know your character and write true to their voice and interests
#1Give your character $500. How would they spend the money? Clothes, concert or save? Tells a lot about character.
#2 The Power of Three
Three Wishes
Three Fears
Three Flaws
Three Heroic Qualities
Need to know about character even if they all don't show up in story.
For her full presentation go to her blog.

Remember to keep reading and writing, and have a terrific Thursday!


  1. Sounds like you received some great advise. Writing is really a juggling act, isn't it? But once you find your grove it will all fall into place. :)

  2. Thanks, Kathi!I'm trying to find my own "chocolate cheesecake" as Jessica suggested. Starting with writing because I know I love it, and not because I just want to be done with the project.:)


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