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A Timeless Romance Anthology Review

Christmas comes early this year! Six unique love stories by six best-selling authors that are sure to make you feel warm-inside and out. Grab a mug of your favorite steaming drink, curl up with a blanket and let the novellas transport you back in time with tales of disappointment and triumph in life and love.

I have read every one of Sarah Eden's Regency Romances and her newest novella does not disappoint.
The Road to Cavan Town opens on Ireland, 1864. Though the setting is different from her other novels, you find yourself just as captured and engrossed in the time and characters. The main protagonist, Alice Wheatley, is in love with Isaac Dancy, but he is courting the rich and gorgeous Miss Sophia Kilchrest. Alice knows Miss Kilchrest is not right for Isaac. Will he come to realize the truth before its too late? A touching story that hooks readers from the very beginning. Great start to an amazing anthology!
Heidi Ashworth's It Happened Twelfth Night introduces us to the gatekeepers daughter, Luisa, and her childhood friend turned beau, Percy. When Percy returns from Ireland after six-months away, Luisa is confused by his sudden indifference to her. Brokenhearted, she watches all her dreams crumble. That is until a handsome, mysterious man shows her kindness. Luisa suddenly realizes that new dreams can be even better than the old.
Warning: Dreams of dashing strangers sweeping you off your feet may occur.

Next comes An Unexpected Proposal by Annette Lyon. Set in Cache Valley, Utah in 1880 during a bitter winter, we meet the irrepressible Caroline. She has big hopes and dreams, which don't include being courted by her childhood chum, James. But when faced with possibly losing James forever, she realizes her heart may not agree with her head. Can a friendship become something deeper? Is it too late to find out? A cute story of friendship and love.

Next in line is Caroles on the Green by Joyce DiPastena. This amazing writer of medieval romance once again transports back to an age we can only imagine. This story revolves around the unlikely relationship of Isabel and Lucian. Agreeing to choose a husband by Epiphany, Isabel must sort through many suitors. The handsome knight, Lucian, is not on her list of potential candidates until an incident at the oak tree forces her to reevaluate this dashing suitor. The characters are so well developed it is a little disappointing their story is so short. Hopefully, Joyce has more planned for them in the near future. ;)

A Winter's Knight by Donna Hatch is the first story I've read from this author. However, after reading this touching romance I am determined to read all her others. Clarissa and her Aunt Tilly are forced to take refuge in Wyckburg Castle during a storm. Clarissa is terrified-she has heard all the rumors of curses and murdered wives of the previous earls. But when she discovered her own family's involvement in this cursed castle, she knows she must help set things to right. Will the current earl feel the same? One of my favorite stories. I am a sucker for haunted castles and ancient curses.

Last, but certainly not least, is A Fortunate Exile by Heather Moore. Young Lila is sent away to her aunts after scandalously falling in love with the wrong man. Unsure how she will endure her strict aunt and her family's scorn, Lila is more than happy to accept Peter Weathers's help. As they aid each other in their struggles, they find themselves growing closer. But can Lila trust this growing attraction, or her own heart? Will her former poor judgement taint the gift they both hesitate to accept? A sweet tale of learning to trust yourself and others.

I loved each and everyone of these all-too brief tales. They were all unique, but equally compelling. The stories showcase the six authors' incredible talents, and leave you wanting more. A great read for a frigid winter night, or morning, or even afternoon. Any romance lovers on your Christmas lists? Check, mission accomplished. ;) Seriously though, I highly recommend reading this book either alone, or with a group of friends to set the holiday mood and spread some early Christmas cheer.

Six Award-Winning Authors have contributed brand new stories to A Timeless Romance Anthology: Winter Collection. A collection unlike any other, readers will love this compilation of six sweet historical romance novellas, set in varying eras, yet all with one thing in common: Romance.

The Road to Cavan Town by Sarah M. Eden, set in 1864 Ireland, combines Eden’s sense of humor with her signature sweet romance. Alice Wheatley walks each weekend into town, accompanied by Isaac Dancy. And while Alice finds herself falling in love with the gentleman, unfortunately he has his eyes set on the belle of the town, Miss Sophia Kilchrest. Alice must find a way to turn Isaac’s eyes toward her.

Regency author Heidi Ashworth’s delightful story, It Happened Twelfth Night, set in England 1812, follows Luisa Darlington who discovers the man of her dreams, Percy Brooksby, isn’t in love with her as much as she thought he was. When Percy’s friend, the mysterious foreigner, Mr. Flynn, visits for the twelfth night holiday, he promptly sweeps Luisa off her feet, quite literally. Luisa is left catching her breath in more ways than one.

An Unexpected Proposal by Annette Lyon is a captivating romantic novella, set in remote Wood Camp, the snowy canyon of Logan, Utah, 1880. When Caroline Simpson is forced to thwart the aggressive advances of Mr. Butch Larson, she discovers that her long-time friend, James, has genuine affection for her. But as stubborn as Caroline is, she minimizes the feelings he’s awakened in her, and it takes almost losing James to admit her true feelings for him.

In Joyce DiPastena’s charming medieval story, Caroles on the Green, we enter England of 1151, in which Lady Isabel has a dilemma. She promises herself that she’ll marry the man who sent a ring hidden in her pastry since the man she truly loves, Sir Lucian de Warrene, has proved to be impossible and exasperating. To forget him, Isabel sets her eyes on other eligible men, only to face another confrontation with Lucian—who isn’t about to back off and leave her to her newest plot.

Donna Hatch’s enchanting novella, A Winter’s Knight, begins when Clarissa Fairchild’s coach just happens to break down in front of the most forbidding estate in the county, that of Wyckburg Castle, a place where young brides have been murdered for generations by their husbands. Clarissa is horrified yet curious all in the same breath. When she meets widower Christopher de Champs, Earl of Wyckburg, she must decide if she should flee or uncover the greatest secret in the county about her handsome rescuer.

In Heather B. Moore’s exciting turn-of-the-century story, A Fortunate Exile, Lila Townsend finds herself the victim of a broken heart—broken by the most notorious bachelor in 1901 New York City. If that isn’t bad enough, her father sends her to Aunt Eugenia’s remote farm where Lila must wait for her father’s anger to subside and the gossip columns to find new fodder. When Lila meets her aunt’s boarder, Peter Weathers, she discovers a man who isn’t afraid to stand up to her formidable family and take a chance on a woman with a sullied reputation.

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