Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Want to dance like Elizabeth Bennet?

Are you a Jane Austen nut? Do you sigh when you see something like this:

Yes, yes, I know we all are half in love with Mr. Darcy and that can cause plenty of sighs. But if you, like me, sigh over the elegance of movement and the beautiful costumes, and long for that to be you, cease your despair.
Last night I had the great pleasure of attending a class given by the Old Glory Vintage Dancers. My friend invited me, since she knows I am a writer always looking for new experiences and research avenues for my books. (Hint, hint)
It was so much fun, hopping and spinning around the floor in the lively, yet elegant, dances of the Jane Austen era. Even tripping and falling on my backside in the middle of a dance couldn't ruin the magical evening. Now that I have revealed my amazing dance skills, I know you all feel intimidated. ;)
If you are writing about Regency, or are just in love with the time period, this is worth at least a glance.

Happy Wednesday Writing!


  1. Oh how I love Jane Austen. This film rendition of the book was quite good, but I will always see Mr. Darcy as Colin Firth. :D

  2. I haven't seen the Colin Firth version yet. I own this one, which I REALLY love. Gotta see the other one now :)


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