Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hi everyone! Sorry about the super late post. It was a crazy night and morning of writing and critiquing for me. :)

My insecurity matches one that is common among beginning writers and probably many established writers. What is it you may ask? *dramatic pause* It is the struggle to believe in your own voice.
You write a manuscript, it is beautiful, it is aggravating, it is a piece of you. Then you submit it to others.
You wait, nails bit so low drops of blood stain your keyboard. The day arrives when your baby comes back to you and it is marred. Scenes are crap, too many adverbs, scars mark your pristine pages. You are forced to admit that, perhaps, more revisions are required. At first you rant, you cry, you may feel hopeless. You spent weeks, maybe months, on this thing that doesn't ever seem good enough. Do you give up and accept that no matter how many edits and revisions it will never be ready?
 NO! Get up, wipe off your keyboard and keep writing. One day you will see that glossy cover, that gripping title and realize that inside is the story no one else could tell. Better yet, people are actually reading it and they, shocking I know, like it. But you are not done, because new voices fill your head and a new tale spills onto your page. The whole process begins again.

What do you tell yourself when that gloom of failure raises its ugly head? What inspires you to keep writing?


  1. Great post. I think what keeps me going is the fact that stories and voices keep talking to me, begging to be written. Sometimes I choose other activities over writing, but in the back of my head the stories continue to bubble. Edits are hard, though, but it's the only way to get that baby to shine.

  2. Beautifully written M.R. and such positive advice. Thanks for posting to IWSG even though it was a bit late. I have been secretly dropping by on behalf of Alex, waiting for your post! Nice to meet you and I hope to visit again soon.

  3. Hi M.R. What a great description of the writing process! Inspiration comes from anywhere if I'm paying attention because life is an adventure!
    Great post for IWSG!


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