Friday, November 16, 2012

the writer's dojo

the writer's dojo: Community: Ninjas Write Community

This is an excellent place to meet and mingle with others who share your writing passion. With a forum you can post on anytime, helpful tips from fellow writers and a weekly live chat, it has something for everyone. I've met some awesome writers through this network. Ali Cross, Kathleen, Amy and Stephanie are just a few of the whackies (Yes, that is a word. Meant in the best possible way should any of the aforementioned read this) who continue to inspire me and help me stay on task.
I know networking can often be frustrating and time consuming, but this is a great stop to add to your list. The many writers who talents contribute to the site keep you entertained and informed. They are a great source for other blogs, critiques, motivation and just some good stress relief and laughs for days when you feel like this:

In the weekly Ninja Chat, Thursdays at 2pm MST,  we've been known to discuss everything from our latest projects to amoebas.

(Lest you sneer at that lovely debate, I want you to know that it inspired a great scene in my latest writing project.) 

Whether you are just beginning your very first project, or have already published a thousand books, we all need a support system to keep us going. Those who inspire us, who dare us to do better, who root for us even from our crappy first drafts and those who don't let ourselves get in the way of our dreams. The task of creating one can be daunting at first, with all the writers, authors, blogs, and sites you could join. But once you find the right one, or two, or three, for you, you'll wonder how you ever thought you could do this writing journey alone.

Happy Writing!

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