Sunday, January 27, 2013

the fire of nanowrimo every month!

Last week I talked about some awesome sources for punctuation power. This week, I'm taking time to spread the word about another terrific writing tool--Writing Communities!

These are essential, in my humble opinion, for any writer to truly learn and grow. The support, feedback, tough love, and camaraderie found in the right writing groups is invaluable to the trade. I have a couple that I follow and participate in regularly, *cough *cough, well, as regularly as I can.

IWriteNetwork is a great source to meet lots of new writers from all walks of life. They share blogposts, sprint, spread the word about great upcoming writer's conferences, and feature a good deal of successful, published authors with which to rub cyber-shoulders.

Then, of course, there is my personal favorite: The Writer's Dojo. The amazing Ali Cross, the talented sensei and author of the Desolation Trilogy, has created a wonderful community of heartfelt encouragement, motivational tidbits, and some get-out-and-do-it juice.  This already phenomenal tool is going through some serious remodeling to make it better than ever. *squeals of excitement commence*

 If you are a writing ninja, or have ever wanted to be one, check out the brand new Dojo opening just for you.
Take it away, Ali.

The Writer's Dojo is returning to its roots and invites you to join in on the fun! 

When I first started the writer's dojo in 2008, I did it as a way to keep the glory of National Novel Writing Month alive all year long. I loved the camaraderie and support I received during the month of November and desired that same feeling of community every month of the year, in every aspect of writing--not just the drafting.

Beginning February 1st, 2013, the writer's dojo returns to its roots and ushers in a new age of ninjawesomeness. Each month we will open three training rooms at the writer's dojo website. A room for drafters (Writing Month, aka WriMo), a room for revisers (Revising Month, aka ReMo) and a room for those querying (Querying Month, aka QuMo).

We invite you to set your own goals, whether it's to write a thousand words a day, revise ten pages a week, or submit twenty queries in a month, and register your goal in the appropriate training room.

Every Monday we'll post the leaderboard for the previous week, and at the end of each month those who met their goal will be able to post the coveted Writing Ninja Warrior badge on their blog or website.

To help you reach your goals, we have a number of ways to support you:

CHATS: At the dojo every Thursday at 4:00 p.m. Eastern time. (That's 2:00 p.m. for us MST people.)

TWITTER: Anytime, day or night, at #writingninja.

GOOGLE+: Join our community for random write-ins and sprints.

NEWSLETTER: Subscribe to our Ninja News and once a month you'll receive an email with an encouraging note and a list of the top performers for the previous month. There will also be opportunities for giveaways, starting with February's newsletter!

We hope to see you at the dojo as you reach for--and achieve--your goals!


  1. Writing communities are such a big help, and the Dojo is a great one! Love Ali.

    1. I agree completely. Ali is pretty amazing. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Yeah, great to see new stuff happening at the Dojo - I've been a writing and revising ninja for a long time now.

    Unfortunately, won't be able to make the 4pm chats as I'll still be at work. :(

    1. Sad, but the new direction has lots of options and is more flexible with those of us with time constraints. ;) Have you checked out there Google+ connections for impromptu chats and hangouts?
      Best of luck fellow ninja!


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