Monday, February 25, 2013

My Awesome Life

So, I've been a bit MIA from the the blogging and writing sphere as of late. My word count for this month is absolutely abysmal thanks to my crazy life these days. Thanks to two writer's conferences, a friend's daughter being diagnosed with cancer, another friend's father dying, lots of family drama, and a big dose of financial stress I've developed a big case of writer's block. But this blog isn't about whining or complaining about things I can't change, I've done enough of that the past couple weeks to last a lifetime. (Hides head in shame.)
Time to move on with my life and what better way to do that then to look at all the things that make my life absolutely awesome! (Don't worry, I'll just list the top five to keep you all from dying from boredom.)

1. My faith in my God. Without Him, I would be completely lost.

2. My family. I am always so grateful for a mother who always has a saying like "Crap happens, wipe and move on," or "You might as well laugh at this because tears waste more energy," always at the ready. She has faced so much in her life, but keeps smiling and trucking along. An awesome woman!
Also, I would be nowhere without my amazing husband. He puts up with my craziness on so many levels. His support, kindness, and faith in me keeps me going when things get tough. He rocks!

3. The amazing support system I have both online and in my community. You all serve as a constant source of inspiration and laughter when life tries to get me down. Thank you!

4. Books. Yes, lots and lots of books that allow my imagination to sore to realms previously unimagined. And allow me to run away when I just need a break.

5. Writing and the time right now to do a lot of it. Everything seems so much better once you just put it into words. The monsters are more manageable. Emotions choke less and aid more when the pen has mastered them. The insurmountable odds of writing a novel diminish with each letter typed. And, of course, the hero (or heroine) always conquers no matter what is thrown his way. The same goes for me every time I write a word, sentence, paragraph, book.

Life is never as bad as it seems at first glance. For every less than happy moment, there are ten moments of joy to celebrate once we dispel the mist trying to hide them.

What makes your life awesome these days?


  1. I'm glad you have a lot of time to wrist now!

    Sorry there is other drama and trials in life. You're strong and will always make it through on top!

    I miss you guys. We'll have to catch up in person sometime.

    1. Hey Trish! Thanks for the vote of confidence and stopping by. We should get together soon, so I can see your baby in person finally. ;)

  2. I'm writing, full time until the end of March (Longer if I can manage it). Awesome!


  3. I'm sorry to hear about all the bad news going on lately, but I have to say I absolutely LOVE you're mom's quote about crap! It's brilliant!

    1. Thanks! My mom is pretty great and very smart sometimes. :)

    2. ...sometimes????

      (See, I do read your blogs once in a while. I just need more days in my hours!)

  4. I have to say that I have an amazing daughter (after all, she does have an amazing mom LOL!).

    My favorite saying lately is "As with gas, this too shall is just a really stinky case".

  5. You've had a rough month. I hope things get better for you. :) Love your gratitude list.

  6. Ooo, that does sound rough. But good for you for forging on!


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