Monday, May 27, 2013

Liebster Blog Award Nominations!

Apparently I'm supposed to tell everyone 11 random things about me and answer 11 random questions. So, here they are.

11 Random facts about me:
  1. I had my jaw surgically fixed when I was a teenager.
  2. I got my drivers license at 20.
  3. I've been to Germany, twice.
  4. I'm deathly afraid of spiders.
  5. I believe in computer gremlins!
  6. I want to create my own library like the one on Beauty and the Beast.
  7. I love show tunes. 
  8. I can do the Bewitched nose twitch.
  9. I love kids books!
  10. Plants wither around me.
  11. I'm an insomniac. (If you see me and I look like I might eat your brains, don't worry I'm too exhausted to chase you.)
  11 Random Questions

1. Who is your favorite author? Why?

Gail Carson Levine. Her wit and creativity suck me into her worlds and I never want to leave.
2. Have you ever done anything you think is insane? Would you do it again?
I'm terrified of heights and drowning but I went cliff diving. Yes, if someone pushed me.

3. Did you ever have an imaginary friend?
No, but I've been talking to the voices in my head since I was a kid.

4. Who is your hero?
Queen Esther from the Bible.

5. Have you ever read something that changed your life?
A Witch of Blackbird Pond by Elizabeth George Speare (Turned me into a historical fiction lover.)

6. Did you ever believe you could fly?
Nope, I believe in gravity too much.

7. What is the strangest thing a child has ever asked you?
Will my nose really grow if I lie?

8. Dogs or Cats?

9. If you could meet anyone, living or dead, who would it be?
Thomas Jefferson

10. What is your dream vacation?
A month spent in Ireland, England, and Scotland.
 11. Are you right or left handed? 
Very right handed. I wish I was ambidextrous.

Have a great Memorial Day!

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  1. congrats on the award...can i see the nose twitch?? lol


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