Friday, July 19, 2013

I Spy...a secret Blogfest!


 My latest work-in-progress features a teenage girl who has a lot to hide. One of her secrets is hiding the existence of the two magical races that exist side by side with Regulars (humans). My short scene takes place right after Reilly, the main character, has been pushed into her tray of food by a Shifter named Kemo. (Warning: From a rough, work-in-progress. Forgive cheesiness, and typos.)

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 “Go ahead and run with your little playmate. You weaklings always hid behind the Regs,” Kemo taunted behind them as Reilly force marched Lattie away.
Her free hand jerked at Kemo’s words, causing the lockers on the wall beside her to crash open.
Oh, no. She hadn’t meant to do that. The magic had just leaped from her just like last week with the stupid television explosion. She needed to control her emotions better.
“What the—” Lattie stared at the open lockers.
Reilly pretended to stare as well. “Maybe the school’s haunted.” Lame, lame, lame.
Lattie didn’t look convinced, but she resumed walking beside Reilly. “Why did Kemo call me that name? What was it? Reg. He acted like he knows you somehow, but I didn’t think you hung out with Damon’s crowd.”
Reilly smiled. Lattie was smooth, she’d give her that. She offered a, what she hoped appeared casual, shrug. “I’ve seen him around the last couple weeks. No biggie. Maybe he thinks Reg is an insult or something.” Her tongue tripped over the lies, but she didn’t know what else to say.
Council Rule # 1: Regs can’t be told about the magical world.
They can, however, find out for themselves, like the case of her father meeting her mother. But she didn’t want her friend dragged into the mess of life with Casters. Not to mention the fact that Lattie might think Reilly was crazy and never talk to her again.
Nope, better to avoid that sticky mess.
Lattie broke into her reverie. “You said you had something to change into.” She eyed the food smeared down Reilly’s front.
“Yep, in my locker.” Reilly’s Rule #1: Always have a spare change of clothes in case one needs to hide blood, claw marks, or whatever else Shifters used to attack. She grinned. Mashed potatoes, definitely a new one.


  1. High school is messy enough without magic and mashed potatoes, not too mention blood and claw marks. I can see kids getting into this story.;)

    1. Thanks, Monique! I hope you're right. Now if only I can get the draft written. :)


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