Monday, July 15, 2013

Treasures Abound

Today I have a very brief post to start off your week that I hope will be full of many adventures.

This weekend I found treasure in the most unlikely place, my mailbox.

Behold the sparklies!

(Happy dance and squeals!)

When I started blogging a little over a year ago, I never thought people would care enough about my opinion to send me books to review. Despite obviously being wrong, I still struggle sometimes with feelings that I'm unimportant and have nothing unique, or clever, to add to this big world of incredible, brilliant people.
But, like I was wrong about the books, I am wrong about my place in the world.
In the long, lesson filled year that has passed, I've began to realize that every voice counts and is important. Even mine with all my stutters, silly comments and paralyzing shyness.

Don't hold back your awesomeness. Let your voice influence the world for the better. And always be true to you. 
Lesson for today: You matter! Everyday and in every way. (Yep, I just made that rhyme. My awesomeness astounds even me sometimes.)

Happy Monday!

What treasures have you discovered lately? New books? About your own awesome skills?

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