Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Indie Life-To do or not to do

Because being Indie doesn't have to mean going it alone.

I'm a fairly new writer, so I have the unique perspective of currently weighing the pros and cons of traditional and indie publishing options. Currently, I'm pretty set on going the indie route. But, to be perfectly honest, I'm a little scared at the same time. I fluctuate on a daily basis on my decision. 

I know, why stress when that part of my career is way, way in the future? That's who I am though. Miss Type A personality that needs a back-up for her back-up plan. 

That brings me to my post, which is more a public display of my daily ramblings. 

Five reasons I love idea of being and Indie.

1) Total freedom and control. (Type A personality is loving this aspect of everything.)

2) Higher royalties

3) No fear of a cover that doesn't match my book at all, which I see happening more and more. (I really don't want a bare-chested boy and doe eyed girl selling my books.) 

4) The awesome writers and authors that have blazed the trail before me

5) I get to choose my team.

Five reasons the indie route terrifies me:

1) Total control (If something goes wrong and no one likes it, I have only myself to blame.)

2) Others never seeing me as a "real" author.

3) Self-marketing (Though I hear this would be a problem even with traditional publishing. Eeek!)

4) I have to assemble my own team to make my books really shine. (This means meeting and talking to lots of new people. Yeah, right. This from the girl who usually huddles in a corner in an attempt to vanish.)

5) Complete creative freedom. I can do some wacky things and no publishing company will be there to reign me in. (Thank heavens for writer groups!)

That's my indie dilemma as of late. To do it, or not to do it. Now I'll get back to writing so, maybe one day when the planets all align, I will have a product for which to stress about all the above things. 

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  1. Hi, MR,
    Making the decision is an important step. Some of the things you listed are reasons why I took the plunge.

  2. I took the plunge for all the reasons you suggested, but also because I couldn't bear diving through hoops for publishers. Cal it performance anxiety (it was the same for my driving test!). I'm glad I took that plunge, but for all the reasons you suggest, it is terrifying and hard work. You should remember though, that the choice is not all defining as it once was. Hybrid is apparently the way to go now. Mix 'n' match. Just get that book perfect then reconsider at the time. The market is constantly changing. Best of luck. X


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