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Janitors Book Reviews

 The plural in the title is no accident. Today I'm featuring my reviews of the first two books in Tyler Whitesides's Janitor series.

 No one takes Spencer Zumbro seriously when he tried to warn his classmates about the mysterious things prowling the halls and classrooms of Welcher Elementary School. But when he sees Marv, the janitor, going after one of the creatures with a vacuum, he knows he's not the only one who can see them.

With the help of his new friends, Daisy, Spencer has to find out what the janitors know. The children's search uncovers the magic taking place behind the scenes of their seemingly ordinary school, where a battle is being waged for the minds of the students. Who can be trusted – and can Spencer and Daisy protect their school and possibly the world?

Tyler Whitesides breaks into the youth fantasy arena with a fresh, and original tale about the least likeliest of heroes. A neat-freak kid named Spencer teams up with Daisy, a gullible young classmate, and a group of rebel janitors to save kids' brains everywhere. Toxites feed off powerful, smart brainwaves with every breath. Thanks to a corrupt government agency these creatures are taking over schools everywhere. But Spencer and the janitors are out to make sure education survives.

I really enjoyed Janitors. The toxites were unique and creative creatures that had me intrigued from the first encounter. There abilities to inhale brainwaves, and exhale apathy, distraction, etc. were an interesting take on why children act the way they do in schools. At least now I know what always made me fall asleep during math class! Janitors provides a fast-paced adventure that kids will find difficult to put done. With evil villains, flying brooms, and an epic car chase in a rickety old van, what's not to love?

The only thing that bothered me were a couple rough point-of-view transitions. At a few spots I wasn't sure whose perspective I was supposed to be in. This happened very infrequently though, and didn't detract from the flow of the story to a significant degree. Overall, I would recommend Janitors for boys and girls around eight to twelve years of age.

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Now, more than ever, Spencer, Daisy, and even Dez must fight to save schools everywhere. The Bureau of Educational Maintenance (BEM) is after Spencer, and the only place he is safe is within the walls of the New Forest Academy. Or so he thinks. In this fast-paced adventure, the kids must figure out where their loyalties lie and who they can trust as they fight to discover the true secret of the New Forest Academy and what it means to the future of education.

Secrets of New Forest Academy is even better than book one. Spencer and Daisy attend a week at the mysterious academy with a surprising lack of toxites roaming the halls. They think behind the walls of this learning-rich school they will be safe from the latest BEM threat. This tiny bubble of hope is popped when they meet the new janitor, Slick. Spencer and Daisy must race to save the minds of the children both inside and outside New Forest. But who is the enemy? And what does the mysterious stranger trapped in the glopified dumpster have to do with anything? They must find out before the BEM launches its most recent plan and Spencer and Daisy flunk out.

Whitesides delivers a second thrill ride in his latest book. The stakes are raised as the kids continue to learn more about the BEM, and their devious plans for the future of education. I really enjoyed the latest set of glopified object. I really need to get me one of those janitor carts. Daisy and Spencer's character show a lot of growth in this new adventure, especially Spencer. He comes to realize what being part of a team really means. With some new entertaining characters, new villains, and giant toxites on the rampage, he is going to need all the help he can get. Book Two in the Janitors series will not disappoint fans of the first book.

About the Author

Tyler Whitesides worked as a janitor at an elementary school to put himself through college. He graduated from Utah State University with a degree in music. In addition to writing novels, Tyler is an avid composer and arranger of instrumental music. He and his wife, Connie, who teaches third grade, live in northern Utah.

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