Wednesday, November 6, 2013

IWSG-Writing for Victory

I once attended a writer's workshop that compared writing to running a marathon. The talented, and super fit, Ally Condie presented on how she approached writing with the same mentality she trained for marathons. You start by running a mile, or writing a few words, and then work you way up to completing a marathon, or a novel.

Her words are true, but I'd like to add an analogy of my own. Writing is also like hiking.

Sometimes we march right up the mountain without breaking a sweat.

Sometimes we plod up that mountain and reach the top winded.


Sometimes we can only manage a few steps at a time, and the peak seems to never get closer.
Until one day . . .

Look closely and you'll see me on the very top of that mountain peak.

It doesn't matter if we are the first to the peak, or not. What matters is putting one foot, or word, after the other, strengthening those writing muscles, and then finishing victorious.

Good luck to all NaNoers and non-NaNoers this month!

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  1. One of my bloggers said, "What sadistic mind would come up with NaNo in the month of November."
    I'm *still laughing*.
    Beautiful blog!


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