Friday, April 17, 2015

Funerals and Futures

I recently had the privilege of attending a funeral for a retired serviceman who died of cancer. The small group I was with gathered before the urn that contained his ashes while members of the Air Force folded the flag and presented it to his widow.

Afterwards, their was a gun salute and bugle. The family then gathered around the jar in order to share what they loved most about the deceased. I didn't know the man well, but hearing his family speak about how he always had a smile and made them smile brought a sense of respect for his life.

It is crazy facing your own mortality, which a funeral inevitably forces you to do. When I'm done with this whacky ride, and all that is left of me is placed in a box, what will I leave behind? You know, other than my rotting remains.

(Zombie apocalypse here I come!) 

Ahem. Focusing. Despite my random undead thoughts, I did find myself asking some hard questions.

What would I leave behind if today was my last day?

Was I living a life that would lead to fond memories and inspiration for those who would remember me?

Could I leave in peace, or would I go with many regrets?

In short, the answers to the above questions made for some uncomfortable squirming. But the ability to choose a different way is the beauty of these moments life hands us. I can make a better life.

A better today.

A better tomorrow.

A better me.

I choose to chase my impossible dreams. I choose to hold my family a little closer and love them deeper. I choose to be me despite my imperfections. I choose to eat my salad and my ice cream. I choose to laugh with life. I only get one so I might as well make it the Best. One. Ever!

Have a fantastic today and tomorrow!

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