Wednesday, July 8, 2015

What Heaven Feels Like Review

This post features musical artist Calee Reed, and her great new release. I know, a bit different then my normal fare. While few things can beat a good book, I'll admit music has often been a strong source of inspiration and revelations for me. The right song, at the right time, has often humbled or empowered me, depending on the situation. Enough of that though. On to why you stopped by today. 

A native of San Diego, CALEE REED has been writing and singing songs since she was a little girl. Her latest work shows her at her peak vocally and stylistically. She writes songs that capture raw emotion and vivid imagery, helping the listener tune into their own faith journey and find the peace and joy that she points out from her own experience. As a new mother, she makes poignant observations about the depth and meaning of the human experience, with all of its ups and downs. Her latest album is a heartfelt testimony that reflects the joy she has found in her journey.

My Review:
I'd never heard of Calee Reed before this, so when I received a copy of her disc I didn't know what to expect. The songs blew me away! The lyrics, sung like a lullaby in Calee's gentle voice, captured the essence of humanity and its struggles. Her song, I am Enough, spoke to my own inner self-doubts that I'm sure everyone faces at some point and time. A poignant reminder that God loves us, even in our imperfections. I'll definitely add this to my Sunday listening collection. 

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