Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Reasons I Love Fantasy

Anyone who's ever visited my blog knows I’m a big reader. I read about anything I can get my hands on, fiction and nonfiction. But fantasy has always been my go-to genre. I love to read it, and so, naturally, love to write it.

Here are just a few reason (in my humble opinion) fantasy rocks:

Limitless Possibilities

Ever genre has its strengths, and the realm of limitless possibilities is fantasy’s forte. If you can imagine it, it can happen. As a writer, I can explore things science has yet to and may never be able to explain, like what may happen after we die (spoiler for my current project). Or I can offer an alternative explanation of why things are the way they are. Myths and legends are waiting to be created every day.

Heroes and Villains

There’s a reason many of us have always been drawn to the myths and legends of godlike heroes. We want to believe that a) there is something greater in charge, and b) we have the potential to achieve greatness for ourselves. Spoiler: We absolutely can! When the hero faces impossible odds, and then finds a way to overcome them, we cheer inside and stand a little taller against our own foes. I know I do.

Just as we want to believe in our own ability to achieve greatness, we also have an innate desire to see good triumph over evil. The villains in fantasy can be scary evil, even with tragic backstories. But villains can be more than just evil incarnate, they can make us ask hard questions about ourselves. If I had the choices they have had to make, would I choose to be a hero or give into my own inner darkness? When I write villains, I love putting myself in their shoes. There is something intriguing about tapping into that part of myself, and really taking a good look at how I, or anyone, could possibly become like them. It all comes down to every choice I make. That’s such an empowering, and scary, realization.

Magical Mayhem

Okay, I’ll be honest, the magic in fantasy is so fun to read and write. The poor heroes have to deal with life’s everyday problems, and then we dump in magic to mess up their lives even more. It can create some pretty tricky, and hilarious, moments for our characters. The magic also serves as a physical manifestation of the potential to become something greater than what we are now. It can also create a realm of moral dilemmas the character may never have had to face before. If I had the power to easily fix all my problems, would I? And, let’s just face it, magic is cool!

Those represent just a fraction of what makes fantasy such a great genre, and why I love writing it. The world of possibilities that can be explored with fantasy are limitless. It makes us face our own inner darkness, while also revealing the greatness we can achieve. And it’s fun to torture the characters with magical chaos—by far the best reason.

Whether it be fantasy or any other genre, keep reading and writing!


  1. Thanks for posting this, I totally agree!! Fantasy has so much potential and imagination. I also love the break from the real world.

    1. Escape is definitely the best reason for reading fantasy, especially if dragons are involved. ;)


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